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     We are a small, family owned and operated, specialty nursery.

Our main focus is on North American Native Woodland Plants, as well as the Native Sun Loving/Prairie Plants.

(Also can't resist dabbling in variegates.)

Our plants are grown here by division, or seed collected from our own plants, so you can be assured that you will be bringing home a plant that has never been treated with a  pesticide.

*This is VERY important. Regardless of where you end up buying your plants...PLEASE ask your salesperson how the plants have been grown! Most big box stores and garden centers are now selling plants that have been systemically treated with pesticides which will make birds sick and kill any butterfly, bee or native pollinator foolish enough to take a sip or a nibble. If the salesperson does not know how the plant was grown, walk away and find a nursery that does!

We sell our seeds at $3.00 a pack. (List available on request.)

    Visitors are welcomed to tour the 2 1/2 acres of display gardens, and our propagation beds in the woods.

 (A call ahead is necessary, as we do several Farmers' Markets a week, and are not always here to show you around.)



For updates on what looks especially lovely in the nursery, as well as special sales and events.

Click on the link below to sign up!



There are many moral and ethical reasons to be planting natives in your gardens,...offering a refuge for our Birds, Butterflies and Native Pollinators in an age of rapid species decline and destruction of habitat. Also benefits gardeners in that by planting natives, we can also experience some of the most interesting, tenacious, and beautiful plants mother nature has to offer, up close and personal in your own backyard!

(It also merits mention, that the natives have a strength and natural ability to withstand the crazy weather we all now have to live and garden with, while the hybrids waste away in the 40-50 degree temperature fluctuations and months of flooding followed by months of drought!)

Anyone wishing to investigate further, here is a very well written/understandable article on the importance of using Native Plants for your wildlife friendly garden. It really DOES make a big difference to our local creatures in what species of plants are available to them.....


If you'd like to create a native garden, be it a Butterfly Garden, Hummingbird Garden or Backyard Habitat Garden....

We've worked closely for years with 


(518) 932-1991

 Jesse would be happy to help you in custom designing/installing your special garden, with our plants.



If you are a Garden Designer preferring to use NATIVE plants, we know how hard it is to locate a well grown, healthy plant, not to mention the limited selection usually offered by the garden centers.

Let us custom grow for you!

We will keep the plants you wish to use use, well stocked throughout the growing season, help you with growth requirements and benefits to wildlife.

We will also deliver, (within reason)

Feel free to contact us for more information if interested!



      We only ship PLANTS within the USA, but we do ship SEEDS worldwide. 

(Ask for a current list and we will email it to you, as availability is constantly changing.)

You may order by phone (518) 441-9823

or by email Thosedarnsqurls@aol.com

or by snail mail

WildThings Rescue Nursery

209 Brundige Road

Valley Falls, NY


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in growing our plants when you purchases them, as we want our plants and our customers to be happy!

We are also on Facebook, with lots of photo albums of the plants and our gardens, and daily updates during the growing season as to what looks especially good in the nursery that week, as well as our special sales!