In order to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus,

we are modifying some of our nursery protocols.

1- ONLY one group of customers in the nursery at a time. You may wait in your car or stroll the gardens until the previous customer leaves.

2-PLEASE use a hand sanitizer when you exit your car and only touch pots you plan to take home.

3-Please stay at least 6 feet away from the nursery worker (most times this will be me)

4-No entry to the greenhouse. There is really no need to anyway, as all retail ready trees, shrubs & perennials will be out in the yard and on the outdoor tables.

​5-Please wear a mask.

*Curbside Pick-up is available.

You may place your order by phone, email or text and have it waiting for you by the parking area.

We DO take credit cards, so you can pay by phone, or just tell me the info when you pick up. (I do not have to touch your card)

​Thank You for your understanding and patience in these scary & trying times.

​​​​At WildThings Rescue Nursery, we grow our own plants.

You will never have to worry about pesticides harming the birds, butterflies bees and native pollinators in your gardens.

(Contrary to popular belief, you CAN grow a big beefy gorgeous plant without the use of chemicals, as the pictures of the nursery below prove.)

 Our plants are grown here, CHEMICAL FREE, by division or seed collected from our own plants.


This is VERY important. Regardless of where you end up buying your plants...PLEASE ask your

    salesperson how the plants have been grown! Most big box stores and garden centers are now selling plants that have been systemically treated with pesticides (Neonics) which will make birds sick and harm any butterfly, bee or native pollinator foolish enough to take a sip or a nibble. If the salesperson does not know how the plant was grown, walk away and find a nursery that does!

​The nursery is open to visitors from sun-up to sun-down, 7 days a week, once the growing season begins.

We do ask that you call ahead though, as we participate in the (Saturday) Saratoga Farmers' Market on High Rock Ave. (9-1), beginning in May,

​and do garden design/installation several days a week.

* Temporarily NOT SHIPPING until further notice.

Due to the high volume all shipping services are experiencing, packages are getting dramatically delayed and even lost, so we will not be subjecting our poor plants and their possible demise to box travel at this time.

​Mail-Order is a big part of what we do, and have 20 years of experience safely packaging your plants for their travel through the mail.

​If you'd like to place an order for shipping, please email it to

or call us at (518) 441-9823


We do have an IN HOUSE Landscaping department!

For those of you that don't wish to do the installation yourself, we will design and install your gardens. Many of our customers like to work WITH us. This enables them to learn and keep down cost.
 Knowledgeable, experienced and trusted.

We have always been dedicated to excellence in growing big healthy beautiful plants,

Now, we bring that same work ethic to your yard!

Let us create for you, native gardens for Pollinators, Butterflies, Birds and local Wildlife!
As always.... FREE Garden Design when you use our p

​(A long list of extremely happy customers over the past years if references are needed)

Nursery in full swing (Summer)

WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose