The stonework centerpiece area before we worked on it. Filled with weeds and rock wall in need of repair.

This was a very exciting project first thing in Spring.

The homeowner wanted to eliminate all the lawn on both the front and along the side.

She was also looking forward to a garden that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds, with lots of color all season.

This stunning property was a "Please fix what the last garden designer did to the front of our house" job.

Obviously height was not a consideration to the last native plant designer that they had.

You couldn't even see the mid or back row of the plantings, no less the home behind it.

We ripped the whole thing out except for the shrubs and placed the perennials in tubs of water while we worked, to be re-planted in a more height appropriate position.

Shorter natives were brought in to plant in the foreground.


We brought in a lot of cool mossy logs for a natural setting and added interest.  Also some natural log slabs for stepping on in the pathway. (Still need to be sunk here a bit)


Native Gardenscaping 2020

Over the winter I played with ideas for the space.

This Saratoga property we have been working on for years, gradually eliminating the non-natives and replacing with natives.

The front and side yard are pretty well set now, so we moved to the back courtyard, which has been a big problem because of arid soil that is also choked with maple tree roots. (Very little will grow there)

Our solution was to turn her suburban back yard into and "Adirondack Style" garden, with lots of mossy logs and boulders.

Aesthetically, it is simply gorgeous, but extra benefit also being added moisture!

All the moss and decomposing logs were  creating and trapping more moisture in the sol, and little by little we are now adding patches of drought tolerant native woodland plants.

The next phase at this property was probably the most FUN job we did all year.

I have always been partial to woodland gardens, and there was an amazing woodland garden room around the side that was in need of some TLC.

The "Before" when we visited for a consultation in late Fall.

This is what the garden room entrance looked like before we started the ressurection.


And.....a few more of the "After" shots.

I just LOVE this Native Woodland Garden Room!

When we arrived at this property, we were happily met with mostly NATIVE plantings!

All that was needed was a bit of pruning, weeding, edging and mulching.

And what a first season garden can look like only months after planting!

And a few "After" shots of how it's coming together now.

​The "After"

The "Before", a barren empty yard.

WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose


​This was also a very early spring project.

Another homeowner that wanted a complete lawn elimination.

(Yes. we LOVE the concept of no lawn mowing and no more mono culture that provides no benefit to anyone.)

So being a shady front yard, we installed a walk through Native Woodland Garden!

This is the "Before" shot when we first arrived

Entrance after pruning (you can now walk in upright) and weeding.

Setting it up and ready to sink them. SO many wonderful woodland treasures in this garden! Trillium, Bloodroot, Dwarf Iris, Geraniums, Blu & Black Cohosh, Fragrant and creeping Phlox, several viola species, Jack-in-the-Pulpit and so much more!