WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose

This is a friend's garden that we assist in maintaining and do Spring Openings.

She created these amazing (extensive) gardens.

We love working in them!

This was a beautifully designed (by the homeowner) Formal Herb Garden,

in need of some reorganization.

Being a Beekeeper, He also wanted to add some native plants that would be pollinator favorites.

We worked together to produce this final effect.

(We love when our customers work with us!)

A spectacular terraced Hill Garden, with stream & pond, that had become over run with weeds.

We instantly realized what a glorious space tis would be with some TLC.

After cleaning it out and resetting rocks, many natives were planted, with dramatic effect!

​​​​Same property, 3rd garden renovated.

The first pic is the "Before". Packed full of Wormwood Artemesia and Ditch Lilies.

Now, it is a Butterfly/pollinator/Hummingbird oasis full of nectar plants!

5 minutes after we unloaded the plants and brought them to the garden to be planted, the Cardinal Lobelia was visited by a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Another property with big beautiful gardens that we maintain, (Most plantings are native).

Always such a pleasure to work here, with birds and pollinators everywhere!

This garden also had a really neat water feature in need of some help.

WE added a stream with double waterfall.

A Saratoga backyard, recently purchased with an existing garden that the new owners wanted resurrected.

A stunningly designed backyard, whose gardens were in need of some renovation.

This was a small shady nook we revamped, with cozy seating to relax in with some shade. (Rest of the yard is full sun).

WE upcycled various pieces of slate found lying about to create a bench & path.

Garden Installations 2018