Vernonia lettermannii (Narrowleaf Ironweed)

Another well manner dwarf Ironweed, but with wispy fine foliage, and only getting about 2 1/2 feet tall here. (Arkansas Native)

Blooms a bit later than the other Vernonias, but still gets loaded with blossoms that persist until frost for us.

Likes full sun and good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Adored by Butterflies and Hummingbird Moths, as well as Skippers.

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Silene Regia (Royal Catchfly)

Brilliant, eye-catching red blooms on 2-3 foot stems, this is an extremely showy Native for the sunny garden. 
Wildlife Benefits: Swallowtail Butterflies and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds love the nectar! many other larger Butterflies also visit the flowers quite frequently in the gardens.
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Vernonia glauca (Dwarf Ironweed)
A shorter version of our native Ironweed, only getting about 3-4 feet tall, and having broader, beefier leaves.
Likes full sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife benefits: Important nectar source for MANY Butterflies, Native Bees and pollinators late season. Seeds serve as a  plentiful food source for birds.
Hardy to zone 4.
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Silphium laciniatum (Compass Plant)

HUGE native for the sunny Pollinator Garden, getting about 10 feet tall and blooming Mid-Summer.

Reminiscent of a Dandelion on steroids. A very impressive plant.

Full sun and good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Pollen and nectar for Long-tongued bees, bumblebees, Miner bees, large Leaf-Cutting bees, Short-tongued Halictid bees and Syrphid flies. 

Butterflies also visit for nectar.

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Solidago rigida (Stiff Goldenrod)

VERY late blooming Goldenrod that provides food for pollinators right to the bitter end!

(This is a well-behaved Goldenrod that will not take over your garden)

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Verbena stricta (Hoary Vervain)
Gorgeous, long blooming spires of lavender that draw butterflies by the dozens! Reaching about 2 feet in height.
Easy in sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife benefits: Larval host plant for the Common Buckeye Butterfly. Eastern Black Swallowtail also enjoys sipping it's nectar!
Hardy to zone 4.
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Solidago flexicaulis aureovariegata (Variegated Zig-Zag Goldenrod)

A yellow variegated Goldenrod. (And a well behaved goldenrod, at that!) Gorgeous yellow splashed leaves and vertical yellow blooms in mid to late Summer. Gets about 2-3 feet tall, and doubles in width each year.
Easy plant to grow in sun and any soil.
Wildlife Benefits: Blooms attract Long tongued Bees, Small Tongued Bees and Butterflies. Larval host plant for many Moth species. 
Hardy to zone 4.
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Verbena hastata (Vervain)

Our NY Vervain, liking a moist soil.

Blooms are typically a very dark purple.Always covered in Butterflies & pollinators.

​Wildlife Benefits: ​Larval host for Common Buckeye Butterfly & The Verbena Moth.

Attracts both long & short-tounge bees.

​Many Butterflies enjoy it's nectar.

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Thermopsis caroliniana (False Yellow Lupine)
Drought tolerant and stunning. This late spring bloomer appears more shrub-like at maturity than a herbaceous perennial. Mature stand will be about 5' X 5'. Beefy!
Full sun to partial shade and excellent drainage. (Seems to really appreciate a sandy soil.)
Wildlife benefits: Nectar source for both Native Bees and Butterflies.
Hardy to zone 4.
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Vernonia gigantea/altissima (Giant Ironweed)

A NY Native Ironweed, that truly IS a giant.

Gets about 8' tall here in the gardens, and provides vibrant color late season.

Full sun. Good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Nectar source for  bee flies, butterflies, skippers, and many Long-tounged bees. Larval host plant for several Moth species.

Gallon Pot 15.00

Solidago uliginosa (Bog Goldenrod)

A well behaved, shorter Goldenrod tolerant of soggier soils.

​Still a Pollinator magnet.

Wildlife Benefits:​Larval host to Wavy Lined Emerald.

​Pollen source for many specialized bees.

Butterflies also love this plant as a nectar source.

Seeds are a food source for many songbirds.

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​​Vernonia noveboracensis (NY Ironweed)
A tall, (5 to 8 feet), late blooming beauty with vibrant color when much of the rest of the garden is finished blooming.
Likes full sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife Benefits: Always covered in nectaring Butterflies here, and the seeds are a favorite food for songbirds.
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Solidago speciosa (Showy Goldenrod)

Well behaved, Huge dense pyramids of blossoms, and very long bloom time, this is a treasure of a Goldenrod, reaching up to 4' tall.

Full sun and any soil.

Hardy to zone 3.

Wildlife Benefits: Late season nectar for honeybees, bumblebees, ants, beetles, moths and butterflies.
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Veronicastrum virginicum (Culvers Root)

Sturdy, stately white blooms always covered in pollinator activity.

Very drought tolerant.

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Zizia aurea (Golden Alexander)

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