Vernonia glauca (Dwarf Ironweed)
A shorter version of our native Ironweed, only getting about 3-4 feet tall, and having broader, beefier leaves.
Likes full sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife benefits: Important nectar source for MANY Butterflies, Native Bees and pollinators late season. Seeds serve as a  plentiful food source for birds.
Hardy to zone 4.
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Vernonia baldwinnii (West-coast Ironweed)
A native Ironweed hailing from the West Coast, This tall, sturdy, late blooming perennial is very showy, indeed! HUGE fluffy panicles of the perfect shade of purple on top of 5-6 foot stems and long bloom time make for a valuable addition to the late season gardens. Huge draw for butterflies and pollinators!
Sun and good drainage.
Wildlife benefits: Special value to native Bees as a pollen and nectar source. Nectar source for many Butterfly species. Seeds good source of food for birds.
Hardy to zone 4.
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Solidago speciosa (Showy Goldenrod)

Well behaved, Huge dense pyramids of blossoms, and very long bloom time, this is a treasure of a Goldenrod, reaching up to 4' tall.

Full sun and any soil.

Hardy to zone 3.

Wildlife Benefits: Late season nectar for honeybees, bumblebees, ants, beetles, moths and butterflies.
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Silphium laciniatum (Compass Plant)

HUGE native for the sunny Pollinator Garden, getting about 10 feet tall and blooming Mid-Summer.

Reminiscent of a Dandelion on steroids. A very impressive plant.

Full sun and good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Pollen and nectar for Long-tongued bees, bumblebees, Miner bees, large Leaf-Cutting bees, Short-tongued Halictid bees and Syrphid flies. 

Butterflies also visit for nectar.

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Typha latifolia variegata (Variegated Cattail)
A variegated form of our native Cattail! Not anywhere near as aggressive as it's all green counterpart, and a great solution for any wet, sunny spot, with its gorgeous foliage and showy "tails".
Wildlife  Benefits: Larval host plant for many species of Moths. Cover.
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Verbena hastata PINK form
Lots of vibrant pink spires that last for months!
Likes a well draining soil in full sun.
Wildlife benefits: Important nectar source for many Native Bees, small Butterflies and Skippers. Larval host for the Verbena Moth. Seeds are a good source of food for Songbirds such as Cardinals, Swamp and Field Sparrows, Song Sparrow, and Slate-Colored Junco.
Hardy to zone 4.
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Vernonia noveboracensis (NY Ironweed)
A tall, (5 to 8 feet), late blooming beauty with vibrant color when much of the rest of the garden is finished blooming.
Likes full sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife Benefits: Always covered in nectaring Butterflies here, and the seeds are a favorite food for songbirds.
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Verbena stricta (Hoary Vervain)
Gorgeous, long blooming spires of lavender that draw butterflies by the dozens! Reaching about 2 feet in height.
Easy in sun and any well draining soil.
Wildlife benefits: Larval host plant for the Common Buckeye Butterfly. Eastern Black Swallowtail also enjoys sipping it's nectar!
Hardy to zone 4.
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Tridens flavus (Purple Top)

A tall native grass typically getting about 5' tall, but can get as tall as 7'.

Very drought tolerant and prefers partial shade.

Wildlife Benefits: Larval host plant for Lar Cross-line skipper, Broad-winged skipper, Little Glassywing skipper and Large Wood Nymph.

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WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose

Vernonia lettermannii (Narrowleaf Ironweed)

Another well manner dwarf Ironweed, but with wispy fine foliage, and only getting about 2 1/2 feet tall here. (Arkansas Native)

Blooms a bit later than the other Vernonias, but still gets loaded with blossoms that persist until frost for us.

Likes full sun and good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Adored by Butterflies and Hummingbird Moths, as well as Skippers.

Gallon Pot $12.00

Silene Regia (Royal Catchfly)

Brilliant, eye-catching red blooms on 2-3 foot stems, this is an extremely showy Native for the sunny garden. 
Wildlife Benefits: Swallowtail Butterflies and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds love the nectar! many other larger Butterflies also visit the flowers quite frequently in the gardens.
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Vernonia gigantean/altissima (Giant Ironweed)

A NY Native Ironweed, that truly IS a giant.

Gets about 8' tall here in the gardens, and provides vibrant color late season.

Full sun. Good drainage.

Wildlife Benefits: Nectar source for  bee flies, butterflies, skippers, and many Long-tounged bees. Larval host plant for several Moth species.

Gallon Pot 12.00

Silphium perfoliatum (Cup Plant)
As you can see from the first pic., common name "Cup Plant" comes from the little pools of water that get caught in the depression where the stem perforates the leaf. This is always a favorite watering hole for our Honey Bees, as many days there will be a complete circle of them drinking at the same time.
TALL mid summer bloomer, getting as tall as 9 feet here.
Wants full sun and any soil will do.
Wildlife Benefits: Pollen and nectar source forLong-tongued bees, butterflies, and skippers. Also visited by short-tongued bees, wasps and bee flies.
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Sun-Lovers Page 5 (Si-Z)

Solidago flexicaulis aureovariegata (Variegated Zig-Zag Goldenrod)

A yellow variegated Goldenrod. (And a well behaved goldenrod, at that!) Gorgeous yellow splashed leaves and vertical yellow blooms in mid to late Summer. Gets about 2-3 feet tall, and doubles in width each year.
Easy plant to grow in sun and any soil.
Wildlife Benefits: Blooms attract Long tongued Bees, Small Tongued Bees and Butterflies. Larval host plant for many Moth species. 
Hardy to zone 4.
Gallon Pot $12.00

Thermopsis caroliniana (False Yellow Lupine)
Drought tolerant and stunning. This late spring bloomer appears more shrub-like at maturity than a herbaceous perennial. Mature stand will be about 5' X 5'. Beefy!
Full sun to partial shade and excellent drainage. (Seems to really appreciate a sandy soil.)
Wildlife benefits: Nectar source for both Native Bees and Butterflies.
Hardy to zone 4.
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