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This job has very special meaning, as he was the first customer to trust us in doing a rather large renovation to the front of his beautiful home.

Living in such a wonderful rural setting, this was the perfect site for a natural, native garden, with focus on Hummingbird friendly plants.

One of the most FUN projects last summer, creating a "Bog Garden"!

​Completely self sustaining, with some very unique natives, including carnivorous plants & orchids.

​Further along in the season, she had us build a large connecting walk-through garden from the house entrance to the bog.

The same customer also had extensive existing gardens on the other side of the house that needed some love, so we gave it a spiff & sparkle, with some dramatic effect.

Sweet (and rather large) back yard nestled in the suburbs of Saratoga.

These people spent much of their time outside on their backyard patio, and wanted to be surrounded by beautiful gardens, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Another established garden, originally created by the homeowners, but that had gotten out of control.

Lady Bells (Adenophora sp.) had run wild from one end to the other, so was a very time consuming effort removing.

Walls were rebuilt, a few perennials relocated and now lots of room for adding some natives!

Another cozy yard in Saratoga, recently purchased by some avid gardeners.

They wanted to expand the existing gardens and create a wildlife friendly, natural area.

This garden was created late season, so we cut the new border, cleaned out and amended the rather poor soil, mulched and installed a natural path meandering through for access to bird feeders and for viewing the smaller treasures (Like Trillium, Hepatics, Anemonella, & bloodroot) close up.

It will be planted early spring of 2017.

This project was a resurrection.

The homeowner is an avid gardener, and asked that we clean up her large existing bed to make room for some native plants, which will be added come spring.

Here we were asked to create a garden that would draw and support Hummingbirds!

They already had a running water source (fountain) for fresh drinking water and moving water to play in.

We chose heavy nectar producers and also worked in a very natural path for access to the fountain, to make filling and cleaning easier.

Part 3 of this property was to create a native garden to surround a sunken patio/fire-pit area, and serve as a private area, hidden from the comings & goings of customers.

This is also a shady area, so was packed full of wonderful woodland plants.

The second project here was to create a Native Woodland Garden at the entrance of their home-based business.

Come Spring, this garden will be glorious with locally native Trillium, Bloodroot, Virginia Bluebells and other shade loving treasures.

Pic #1 is how this property looked originally. What an amazing transformation!

Some of Our Creations in 2016

​ Beautiful, low maintenance and unique Native Gardens.

​Here are a few examples, with "Befores" and "Afters"

WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose

At this rural farmhouse, we did 3 small projects.

This was the first, creating some terraced entryway gardens, to bring a sharp slope under control, and add natives producing abundant nectar for the many butterflies they were already seeing on the property.