WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose

Some of the Native plants added were:

Cardinal Lobelia

Gateway Joe Pye Weed

Several Coreopsis species

Black Cohosh

Great Blue Lobelia

A small "Rearrange the Furniture" job in Saratoga.

3 sunburnt, suffering old Rhodies were relocated to the back shaded yard, with lots of moss covered logs and fieldstone added for that natural woodland feel.

Little touches for big impact.

The whole atmosphere of this back yard has been changed to one of peaceful woodland retreat.

Next project (same property EARLY Spring) was a large sun garden bed with many Non-Native perennials already in it.

We removed the plants that were not native, and added many wonderful pollen and nectar plants, after cleaning up the bed and creating a crisp new edge.

This was an existing certified Wildlife Habitat Garden" in desperate need of a facelift.

STUNNING design was obvious the moment we arrived, and was such fun restoring it!

Weeding, edging, thinning and rearranging brought this garden back to it's original beauty.

Stage #1 in the resurrection of a very old perennial overtaken by Mugwort Atremesia. 

First the area was brush hogged and raked off,

then we covered with heavy black plastic and top dressed with light layer of mulch to hold the plastic in place, and to be more aesthetically pleasing whil the root systems of the mugwort suffocate and decay.

Next year we will be removing the plastic and planting a fresh clean bed.

This will be one heck of a gorgeous native garden next year, packed with butterfly, hummingbird and pollinator favorites!

This may have been our most FUN job.

The homeowner was a high energy character, who did all of our prep work for us before we arrived to do the planting.

He had us laughing throughout the job, AND removed the sad little Junipers and Euonymus, and located some field-stone for us to use in breaking up the pitch of the hill with tiers.

SO many wonderful native woodland plants packed into this garden!

​Mayapples, Trillium, Wild Ginger, Bloodroot, Iris cristata, Dicentra, Blue and Black Cohosh, Giant Solomon's Seal, Tiarella.

Contractors had already planted grass seed, covered with straw and nylon netting to prevent erosion.

We didn't dare remove it to plant, for fear of imminent Landslide.

Nylon netting was snipped and holes dug for planting into the seeded areas along the top of the walls and the 3 stretches in-between..

In time, the perennials will root, holding the soil and the grass will eventually be shaded out, easing into an established native perennial garden.

This was a remote Adirondack home that had a garden created by the homeowners mother, but had been neglected for many years.

She wanted us to bring the garden back to it's former glory, in remembrance of her mother.

Lots of natives were added, with emphasis on nectar plants.

Some more "Before" and "After" shots

THIS project was probably our most challenging of the season.

We fondly refer to it as our "Mt Goat Patio Garden" Lol

Two side-by-side patios set into a VERY steep hillside.

​1st 2 pics below are the "Befores"

Beautiful property where we did several gardens rehabs.

The homeowner was an avid gardener who wanted to not only give the existing gardens a facelift, but also wanted to add Native Plants.

She worked right along side us through every project.

First set of "Before" and "After" was her small shed garden and left property border.

After the bed was built, we added a few perennials to start her off (Trillium, Mayapple, Black Cohosh), but left lots of empty space for her to play!

The "Before"

Both Homeowners were very enthusiastic about helping out!.

We came up with the bucket & rope plant to hoist up the perennials. Worked out well!