WildThings Rescue Nursery Native Plants with purpose

The first project we did at this Albany home, was to dig out a vinca infested existing garden, and lessen the slope by adding a shallow terraced level, and making a stone path for easy access to the center.

WE also extended the garden down along the fence-line to give more planting area.

The homeowner is an avid gardener and will be doing her own planting in a new, clean, easy to work in, bed.

This was a large late season installation in Stillwater.

A newly constructed home, to be surrounded by lush native walkthrough gardens.

With the fast run-off of the tin roof, we planted Rain Garden perennials along the drip line to sop up water,

many of which are Hummingbird favorites, so easily viewed from indoors at the windows.

Second pic was taken by the homeowner less than 1 year after planting.

Here we have cleaned out 2/3 of the vile Asian Pachysandra, in preparation for the gorgeous native woodland garden we are transforming this beautifully designed bed into.

​Now packed with Trilliam, Mayapple, Wild Ginger, Black Cohosh, Phloxes, Geraniums, Waldsteinia, Ferns, Columbine and more!

A sweet little Butterfly Garden we installed in Luther Forest this summer.

Low growing,  sun loving natives were used, that like sandy soil, and were heavy nectar producers.

This Saratoga backyard was a large rectangle of lawn when we first arrived.

Now, there are 3 sweeping triangular gardens chock full of natives to attract Hummingbirds, butterflies and native pollinators.

Before we'd even gotten the plants in the ground, there was a flurry of bumble and butterfly activity covering the blossoms.

Pool privacy fence was planted thickly with Hops, which the homeowner plans to make good use of, too!

The second project we did at this Albany home was to build a new shade garden/woodland bed to be planted by the homeowner.

Sod was removed and the soil worked, with access paths to her favorite parts of the yard made by sinking large flat field stone.

This was an early spring installation this year. Homeowners were frustrated at not being able to get anything to grow here, and wanted seasonal interest and butterflies and pollinators.

After removing the grass and cleaning out the bed, (also repurposing buried bricks we'd found in the bed to act as decorative barrier from the existing promlem they had of erosion into the driveway), we planted nectar and pollen rich native sun loving perennials.

The second pic is what this garden looked like THIS summer already.

This is a large sweeping woodland garden we installed this summer in Saratoga.

First we had to clean out an existing bed that was chock full of Asian Ditch Lilies, and a wide assortment of alien invasives.

Once that was accomplished, we made a crisp new border, using bricks we'd found buried in the old bed and extended the garden down along the fence on the left side, with some cool shade-loving native vines to hide the chain link fence, along with some shade loving native shrubs and woodland perennials.

This is one of the nicest woodland beds we installed this year, and can't wait to go back and get some pics next spring!

2017 Native Gardens

A second project at this Saratoga property, building and planting a new native sun bed.

Many natives to support bird and butterfly, native bees and pollinators.

This is the second project at this Saratoga property. A glorious courtyard woodland garden that needed some TLC.

First we dug out and set aside the plants she wanted to save, and then the real work.....removing the entire area of the dreaded Bishop's weed! (Aegapodium).

We dug down about 1 1/2 feet, starting in one corner and working our way through the whoile bed.

Once it was clean out, we had to sink hard plastic border/root barriers along the fencing to prevent the neighbor's infestation from creeping back in.

We also found some wonderful stones and old pavers, that we repurposed into a path and seating area, as well as some more sunken bricks, which we used to define the outside border bed.

2 Redbuds were planted , along with some native shade loving shrubs, and in the Spring of 2018, the woodland perrenials will go in (Trillium/Asarum/Mertensia/Sanguinaria to name a few)